Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hey guys. I still can't post pics here but I just threw up half a dozen from Mardin on facebook (come on guys sign-up!).
   We drove to the ancient site/village of Hasankeyf yesterday and it was quite hot. The Tigris river runs through it and they are fighting over whether or not to dam the region for progress at the expense of a few sites, this one included. Google it for pics etc or go to my Facebook page (hint, hint).

We drove then to Mardin which sits at the top of the Mesopotamian plain, Syria being around 30 miles south. You wouldn't know anything is going on down there. We got lost in the narrow windy one-way streets znd had to hire a taxi to lead us to the hotel. Then when we found it we had to drag our bags up 40 flights (maybe 10 really) to the guesthouse. They put us in a gorgeous room with carved domed ceilings, all medieval and all then as we settled down they came and told us we were in the wrong room and then took us to the dungeon, a room dark and deep in the rock which needed dehumidifiers. Since I could speak enough Turkish it took a while before we haggled a more acceptable room, but the restaurant at top had creaking chairs which woke us up all the time. We rose early and walked the old city, beautiful! Pics on Facebook (hint,hint).

Love you all, French fries are ready at the breakfast table!


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