Sunday, September 15, 2013

I am continuing today's journey now.
On this day Sept 15 we woke early from our hotel and just left without breakfast. The owner was a creep and we left so I didn't punch him in the face!
   We got hot water from another nearby place and had coffee in the ruins of ancient Eloussia-Sebast. It was just grand and we explored the ruins further. Afterwards we checked out some of Korykos the drove up to Diocaesarea in the nearby hills. An awesome site with well-preserved monuments and a theatre. Michelle was happy! We just maendered around looking at ruins of Olba, Silifke castle and Seleucia ad Calycadnum, Selinus and a couple others. Michelle is a crack navigator and we just messed around with hot, dusty old ruins all day. We then found a hotel on the sea, had a fish dinner then checked out my new sunburn. I already have a killer farmers tan, now sun burn. The south Turkish sun is fierce! At least this hotel doesn't have slip-covered chairs. I hate slip covered chairs.

More from T-Land later.....

Let me know if anyone reads this....


  1. Nope, nobody. Did you see my comments about posting via iphone? I forwarded this to Mom. Where are the donkey videos?

  2. I couldn't get them to work. Facebook is best and I think only Barry reads this. He's worth it.