Monday, September 23, 2013

Into Pisidia

We had to leave Side though we didn't want to. The tiny trash can in our room was dwarfed by empty water bottles and tied bags. Why is it the Turkish hotels alway have such itty bitty waste bins? I have covered this entire country and it is the same everywhere. At least slip covered chairs seem to be more of a regional thing (I guess?),
   Driving the windy mtn roads north away from Antalya we headed toward Beyshehir. We had only visited Lyrbe near Side (another ancient city I have coins from) before headed up into the highlands where it was chilly and windy. We drove through some lovely Rocky Mountain areas looking for a few other Pusidian towns before finding a hotel along the southern shore of lake Beshehir, just west of the city bearing the same name. The hotel was also a restaurant and a friendly fellow ran it and showed us a room. It was fine and had 6 arched windows, the top of each with blue and orange glass. He ran the inn alone and we were his only guests. It was cold and windy and being right on the lake seemed to beige of an early to mid summer kind of place. The decor inside the dinning room was interesting. It was a hodgepodge of things from Japanese ump tells to Egyptian papyrus with everything in between. It was gaudy and over the top but the gentleman ran it with pride and though we could not properly exchange a single word we had a nicer all of fresh fish from the lake and a nice rest. It was nice to be cold for a change!
   The next morning we rose and had coffee then visited the Hittite water fountain at Eflatun Pinari. We always enjoy a stop here, so peaceful, the fish swimming about and the king fishers and swallows frolicking and feeding. After this place we found a shaduf up the road. We stopped and played with it. A shaduf is an old-fashioned way to draw water with a long pole, string and bucket lowered into a deep well. The topography is flat rolling hills here bereft of trees and the cold wind blew. It was fun though, the farmers in their tractors wondering what these two idiots are doing with their shaduf!
    We then headed north and spent time at the Roman city of Antioch inPisidia. It was nice then we drove west to Uluborlo where in 2008 we had an unexpected overnight stay due to a broken oil pan. Oh the memories! After this we tried to find the ancient city of Conana, of which I have a few coins, but realized it was just absorbed by the modern town of Gunen and there you have it.
    After our lovely day we found the town of Egridur on the south shore of the lake of the same name and found a hotel we had enjoyed immensely in the past. We walked around the town and had a nice meal, even grabbed a few bites of baklava from a local shop. The wind gusts at night and it is quite cold. A relaxing place to stay and why we always come back.

By the way, we didn't get that Diva Domna coin Barry, it went for 2600. What can you do?

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