Sunday, September 15, 2013

Not sure if anyone is reading this but I'll keep adding to it.
We left Cappadocia and cruised south toward the city of Nigde. We have passed by this city many times in the past and decided to stop and check it out and find the museum.
We didn't find the museum but a local park with Seljuk tombs which were nice. There also was an area with gym equipment so we played around for awhile. The local T's thought we were nuts .
     Next we drove to Tyana, the ruins of the ancient town poking here and there within the modern village. There is a nice aqueduct running down the middle of the road and an excavated area. While taking pics of the excavation some local T's honked at us with a fancy horn then swung around and came to see us. There was a woman, her mother and her two daughters. They were friendly and took pics with us and gave us grapes and other fruits etc. they wanted us to go back to their home (to presumably kill and dismember us) but we respectfully declined, as we were trying to keep to a achedule having a long drive ahead of us.
     So we continued along the super hwy, triggering the toll booths like we're are violating them though we have been repeatedly told we are ok. Who knows?
     We drove back down to the southern coast and the sparkling Mediterranean and the heat and humidity. We decided to try and find the ruins of Pompeiopolis. It was scorching hot and we drove around and around and finally gave up, stopping in front of a market for a cold drink. The shop keeper told us the site was nearby so we made pb&j sandwiches and went there. The ruins consisted of a long colonnade which had been excavated, the rest of the ancient city presumably trapped under the modern town around it. Sad but a reality!
     By this time we were beyond hot and tired and we also had a good layer of road varnish. We found a nice hotel and relaxed. But we got a second wind and drove up the road to Korykos and Michelle's fav castle on the sea. We had a nice dinner and watched the sunset over the castle. One sad thing is the litter. The locals just throw there trash down and the beach was littered with debris. Sad.
     It didn't detract too much from a lovely evening and we had a nice room to go back to with a powerful air conditioner.

Yesterday's journey when I get up tomorrow!

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