Monday, September 23, 2013

We are back on with some wifi so let me get you all caught up on what we have been up to here in the T.
    When we last left off we were staying in our apartment in Side. We rose on Thurs and drove through a beautiful valley and mountain roads north into the Taursus mts and eventually finding our way toward a small village (can't recall name) where the ancient site of Pendelissos is located. I have a couple coins from this Pisidian town. Of course we encountered herds of goats and sheep in the road as usual.
   When we found the village there was no sign of the ancient town so we poked around but it was in the middle of no where and we couldn't even find one architectural element. The village was only a few houses and luckily one of them was called cafe Pendelissos. We stopped and basically it was a retired school teacher's house and he set up an nice area to serve food and drinks as well as a small pensyion for guests. He had all kinds of chickens, pheasants and a couple dogs running around and Michelle esp enjoyed the animals while we relaxed and had a coffee.
    After some chit chat we finally got him to draw us a map of the hike to the ancient city. See it was located on the steep slopes of the hill within the pine trees. We would have never found the place in a million years!!!! He lent us walking sticks and let us part of the way. It was 10:30 AM when we began and we were happy one of his dogs chose to accompany us when we set off alone towards the city.
    Now the hike was nice but it became rather hot and we found the city nice but not particularly well preserved. We had a lovely time in the woods but it was a pretty steep and tough go at time. Eventually we became lost and had walked and stumbled for a few miles. We became nervous regarding our wa back. The woods were cut with felled trees and we couldn't ascertain a path. We decided to go downward and it was steep and the brambles were thick. It was here in our time of need we noticed the dog was waiting for us. It was as if he beckoned us to follow and we did just that. Following our canine companion we eventually made it to the road. I was slashed from bushed and tres and Michelle had a rock which had tore through the bottom of he shoe. We were dirty, tired and soaked with sweat. We didn't know which way to go but decided to follow the dog and after about 1-2 kilometers of walking uphill we found the sign we had passed in our car for the village signaling 3 km to go! The princess was not happy with her bum shoe but doggy led us slowly back to our car by 3:30 PM.  We were annoyed and tired but that dog saved our asses! He wasn't trained either but possessed an innate intelligence which impressed us greatly. What a dog!!!!
    The gentleman wanted us to have lunch and go to another place but we were not happy with the death march he had sent us on and begged our leave and sped away towards the ancient city of Sillyon.
    Driving toward that city we got a second wind plus ate usual sandwiches so decided to hike around Sillyon, one ofy all time fav stomping ground. It was cool and windy and we saw 16 tortoises and a snake! It was nice and afterwards we went back to the apartment and crashed.
   The Friday we spent shipping at a couple small malls (I needed shorts and socks) and found a Starbucks so I could enjoy a latte!!!
We just visited the awesome ancient city of Perge which is gorgeous and an easy walk through the columns and reliefs. We found inscriptions for Trajan, Hadrian, Matidia, Marciana and Sabina!
After we hung around Side, napped and just enjoyed the environment - walking along the sea and finally had dinner at an Ottoman restaurant!
Side is a nice place to spend 4 or 5 days, a lot to do!

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