Thursday, September 26, 2013

In Lycia playing catch-up

We are at a roadside hotel here in Komluca, a small town on the Lycian coast. Since my last post a few days have passed and I will seek to fill in the gap up to today, Sept 26.
    Our last post ended with the two of us traipsing through Lycia and basing ourselves in Egridur, on the lake if the same name.
    After our first night in the cool breezy town we rose early (being the day of our anniversary) and headed to the ancient city of Sagalassos, easily one of the most impressive sites in all of T-Land. Now we've visited this place several times and have watched the progressive of a massive restoration effort focusing on especially the Antonine nymphaeym. Well it is completed now and they have even reattached the original spring so water flows into it. They've added new trails and set out all kinds of neat things to look at. Just an awesome place to visit, really a great site.
     Next we visited the ancient city of Cremna, where I broke my cars oil pan in 2008. We had a good hike, the city well-preserved but laying all around like an enormous puzzle.
      Next we meandered about (rather lost at times) through the winding mountain roads until we found the city of Adada, wandering her ruins as evening began to fall. We than had a nice dinner in Egridur and enjoyed some dondurma (ice cream).
     The following day we left Michelle's nice hotel and headed back towards Antalya, south. At the edge of Egridur, as we were leaving we saw a sign for ancient Prostanna. I knew the ancient Pisidian city was nearby but had read it was on a military base and therefore not accessible. We decided to follow the sign and after driving way up a rocky, deteriorating road growing steeper and steeper we decided to cool it and continued another kilometer on foot. We visited with a flock of goats, many with their coats shaved into interesting patterns, odd I thought. Way up here where no one can see - people do the damnedest things!
     Any way we found what little remained of Prostanna and that is a generous comment. The view was lovely and the area is a army practice range, evidently they like goats and don't mind the occasional nut.
     After making down the mtn we drove on to the ruins of Kodrula, technically there but well... Then we were on to Timbriada, the ruins minimal but a local cave was a ball if fun. We had to wear hard hats and it was drippy and cool and Michelle was like a little girl, all happy and smiles. The cave was a sacred place to the river-god Eurymon and the Romans had built a temple-like facade at the entrance with mosaic floors and the whole mine yards. Neat.
   We decided to have pb&j sandwiches at the small park by the cave and river. We sat together at a picnic table (same side) and flipped it on it side, the two of us falling on our behinds. We had a great laugh, especially because I almost rolled over the wall and dropped ten feet into the river!
    Last was drove down to Ariassos, a nice Pisidian city I have a few coins from. We have been there before but we continued our quest for the theatre, the location of which Michelle and I are not in agreement on. Further research will settle it hopefully.
    After a nice day of ruins we drive into the town north of Antalya and visited a mall which was no different to the Northridge mall. We badly needed a real cheeseburger at found a Burger King in there. Not exactly like home but as close as I am going to get. We had fun goofing of in the mall then found a local hotel. When we went to get our luggage we found that we had lost the key for the cable bike lock which Michelle secures our bags with. We were tired and rather annoyed and drove up the street and found a fix-it shop who cut the cable. I also bumped a wall with my car and he straightened my license plate!
    We finally got our room and found it was a stinky smoking room so Michelle said no and they sought another room we could breath in and we finally were able to relax after a very long day.

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