Monday, October 7, 2013

In Seljuk

We made it Seljuk, which is near Ephesus, and stayed at a hotel we like called Hotel Kayhan. It is an Ottoman-style place with good food and lovely grounds. We decided to relax in the hotel for the first part of the following day, playing with their baby tortoises and enjoying ourselves. Road life can be tough and punctuating it with relaxation rounds things out. We then actually shopped in town a bit then spent the rest of the day at Ephesus, which was packed to the gills owing to not only being on the tour bus circuit but also those damn cruise ships, who pump the bodies into Kusadasi port like a factory filling cans!
  Ephesus is a cool site, but after what we've experienced and seen it really ranks pretty low on our list. I could go into it but you get the picture. At least they didn't have the cheesy gladiator show we saw last time!
   When we arrived at Jayhan hotel it was dark and Michelle found an injured kitten which instantly took the smiles off our faces. We bought her food and tried to help as we're the staff of this animal friendly hotel. While leaving Ephesus a German org was at the gates preparing to capture some of the many cats roaming the site and fix and care for them. They're called Sunnydays and they are a volunteer group I believe. Anyway Michelle told them about the kitten at the hotel and they have us a cage to bring her back on as they had agreed to take her and fix her up. We sped back to our hotel and found that the staff had already taken the kitten to a vet and were doing whatever had to be done to make the animal well. This was great so we brought the cage back to Ephesus and everyone was happy!
   The next day we stopped again at a local shop and chatted with this interesting Kurdish fellow, whose face looked like a pugilist.
   We then visited the temple of Artemis and then the museum, which was closed, then off we went toward Kusadasi and our ferry across to the Greek island of Samos. While in Kusadasi we walked around and ate lunch waiting for our 5pm ferry. The bazaars and whatnot are not to fun in this town aggressive vendors who basically all have one of ten types of shop. We were glad to get on the ferry and head off to Samos for awhile.

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