Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kas is nice but our hotel stunk

Now we stay at Kas a lot and try the various hotels on the same street as the theater, after all this was the ancient Lycian town of Antiphellos. We enjoyed a fab fish dinner, Michelle held and fed a kitten and we walked through the pretty buildings and shops.
   When we got back to our room we realized our room stank, like stale water. It also was tiny, but we kept the bathroom door shut and survived the night.
    The next morn we had coffee just after sunrise in the ancient theater and were joined by a local German Shepard i dubbed 'Theater Dog.' We then wandered a bit around the beautiful town, like it was on a Greek island, lovely,
   We then headed out to the Lycian site of Xanthos, gorgeous as always with her well preserved theater. It was photogenic and I shot some film. We then got a bit lost but found Letoon, a Lycian sanctuary with temples a short distance away. It also had the raised groundwater thing going on and was pretty to photo, with turtles and frogs in the water for Michelle to play with. A good time was had by all.
   We then drove through the beautiful rolling hills inland and tried to find the Lycian site is Sidyma. It is located in and around a village with little walkways and such. We walked around and got lost, the theater was never found as the heat made us tired. We then headed to our car, bummed hot water off a local villager and had a nice cup of joe using an ancient column as my coffee bar!
   Next we drove to the ancient Lycian town of Pinara. It was several km up this absolutely hideous road but we got there. The ruins are spread along the side of the mountain amidst the pine trees. We walked and explored and found the place truly wonderous and amazing. The theater was located down below and the vista was truly incredible! We spent hours here until we knew we had to leave to make it to Fethiye before dark. As we prepared to depart Michelle noticed a small goat which had been left behind by the herd as it moved past. It was crying and though the creature would have eventually gone home she had to intervene. Michelle first tried to tie a rope around its neck and lead it home but the goat was having none of this. Finally we walked and called for it and slowly led the beast at least halfway home until it became distracted by something tasty as ignored us. We tried.
   We then drove into Fethiye and found the harbor and our nice hotel looking over the boats etc.
Michelle noticed when I am driving in a city or chaotic mess I humm the music for the old video game Frogger, which involved getting a frog acrossed the street safely amidst all the cars. I wasn't aware I was doing this, people do the dam best things I guess.
   Our hotel was awesome and we found a gorgeous seaside restaurant and our great day of adventure was complete.

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