Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lycia to Phrygia

Now Fethiye was the old Lycian city of Telmissos and some ruins pop up here and there, especially the theater which is lined at to by houses with narrow alleyways and stairs, like a mini Athenian Plaka but the comparison stops there. We enjoyed a nice morning walk through the old part of the town then the shops by the harbor, which were truly beautiful at night and quite inviting though the shopkeepers and restaurant people were rather aggressive. We enjoyed our walk but had to press on and left Fethiye to find the Lycian city of Tlos, which turned out to be a spectacular place to stomp around, though the theater was closed which made Michelle rather unhappy.
   Next we headed to Oinoanda, the northernmost Lycian town. We got horribly lost and turned around and when we found the place we were told we had to hike a couple miles into the place. Michelle didn't want to go and the guys there were creepy so we saved Oinoanda for next time, driving north toward Pamukkale until we found another of my fav stops, the ancient Phrygian town of Kibyra, a city I have like 20 coins from.
     We immediately noticed the T's had been up to no good, building a new road to the site where we used to just park next to the stadium. You can tell a pay site is in the future for Kibyra. Anyway the stadium was fan as always and new excavations brought to light all kinds of neat new things to look at, many right underneath where my car was parked last time! But what blew us away was an area where they cleared a Roman city street with colns and a fountain. Unbelievable in its beauty and the light was perfect for b&w film. Next the theater was charming as always and then we saw another new place, the odeon! It was extremely well preserved including the mosaic floor in front containing the entire inscription pertaining to who built it, why and exactly when because it was dated!!! Awesome is not coming close to describe it and what a fabulous place, preserved up to like 30 feet with all the seats and all the walls. Michelle's fascination for ancient seated structures was overwhelmed - not only a theater but a odeon and stadium too! The hat trick of ancient seated structures.
   We then left as the sun set and drove to Pamukkale. We missed a turn off due to construction and had to pass through the cf which is Denizli, one traffic jam was just terrible but Michelle recovered our bearings safely guided us to the Venus Hotel in Pamukkale village, where a nice hotel owner greeted us and we relaxed in our very comfortable room. What a cool day that was!!!!!!

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