Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Samos is an Island

Our ferry to Samos was fun, we sat on the back and had a lovely view. The ride is only 1.5 hours and it got cooler and cooler as we approached Pythagorion, the smaller town on Samos. It was like a postcard (well kinda sorta) and we had to go through a little customs box in the freezing wind. Luckily Michelle booked our hotel just 200 meters from the tiny dock so we were greeted by our host for three night George and had a nice meal in his restaurant. I was happy, pig at last! Since Muslims don't eat pork T-land is pig less in terms of meat. While settling into our room we suddenly heard a large thump against our door and some scratching. I opened the door to find a local feline had come calling so we let her in. She quickly became our little friend and we called her Pumpkin. Pumpkin slept in the room with us, snuggling under the blankets and we bought food for her but she favored tuna best of all. She learned quickly to wait be the tiny refrigerator door when she was hungry. Pumpkin obviously knew when that door opened magic happened and the tuna she loved appeared. We just loved that cat!
   Anyway the town had a nice little shopping area and the first day we layed low and just enjoyed not having to drive around. We also went to the museum which displayed, among other things, a hoard of Greek silver coins which contained many coins from Priene. It was a nice museum, small but quaint with a few imperial busts.
   The next day we rented a car and drove all over the place. We visited the Heraion, dedicated to Hera, a famous temple sanctuary and then a monastery and then the theater, which was extremely disappointing. We then tried to find a village Michelle wanted to see but the road in the mountains became some horribly hideous that our small tiny itty Hyndai car couldn't pass. I had to do a 175 point turn to get us going back down the hill. We then visited the larger town, Samos Town, (it has another name which eludes me), and visited the museum there which was awesome with finds from Heraion that were incredible, things we've never seen before. The princess was happy!
   On the way back to our town Pythagoreion we saw a sign, well Michelle did anyway, a small oval sign reading Animal Care Center Samos. Let me backtrack a moment. The first morning at Samis Michelle found an injured kitten. It upset us greatly and she continually returned and cared for it as she could. Upon seeing the sign she requested we seek the place out and after a windy partially unpaved road we found the care center behind the island dump, behind chain link gates with dogs everywhere. Michelle told them, all Germans and very nice, about the kitten she had named Sammy because he looks like our Sammy Bochaine at home. The agreed to take in and help the kitten and we then raced back to Pythagoreion and found the beast. The kitten purred instantly the moment he entered the car and clung to Michelle. He was dirty and exhausted and so appreciative of Michelle's warm lap. He paid no mind at all to the fact he was in a car, something we have never seen before and he purred loudly the whole time. We arrived at the care center and the kitty was now in good hands and Michelle gave them a monetary donation and we thanked them profusely, Michelke then crying nearly the whole way home. We stopped and had fun in a Greek supermarket than returned the car and enjoyed a nice meal at our restaurant. We had a great time on Samos and were so relieved the kitten was safe. Michelle learned through correspondence with Fraida at the care center the kitten had a broken leg and jaw, both healing properly. He'll be fine, maybe with a bit of a limp. Why is it people neglect the needs off animals? This is why Michelle and I only give to animal charities.
  Anyway we had to leave Samis and our cat Pumpkin but it friend Maria who runs the hotel restaurant loves cats (she has a troop of fat ones she looks after) and she promised us Pumpkin would be well and always cared for.
   The next morning we boarded our ferry and off we went back to T-Land.

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