Thursday, October 3, 2013

Laodikeia and Tripolis

Now on the morning of Sept 30, mom's birthday, we rose and enjoyed our breakfast. We have kind of slowed down a bit as the weariness of the road catches up with us. Also paying $9.20 on average for petrol takes the edge off any snap compulsions to drive a long distance on a hunch there will be something to see (unless of course Michelle gets a whiff there might be a seated structure!).
    We decided to visit the ancient city of Laodikeia, where continuous excavations and restoration make each visit a new experience. This was our 5th visit and the T's sure have been up to no good, opening up new streets where one can stroll along the ancient stones and various buildings have been re-assembled to one degree or another. There are two theaters and we watched some great performances put on by the local lizards. We had a great time then relaxed with a cold drink and had pb&j sandwiches at small shop by our car. There is absolutely no shade at Laodiceia, so it can be hot at times.
  We then drove to the Phrygian city of Tripolis, remembering three years ago there wasn't much to see. This time the T's were milling around and up to something which means they are excavating and probably doing like what is at Laodiceia.
   After visiting 100+ sites it has become apparent the T's are upgrading and making the sites more presentable and accessible. That's good I suppose, though the roads to some suck and it is rather insulting at times to pay an entrance fee after driving up an almost impassible road!
   Anyway, after an easy day enjoying two sites and local scenery the two of us actually went back to our room and slept three hours before rising and walking around the small lake at Pamukkale and finally finding a place to eat.
It was an enjoyable but low key day and the princess (as well as her husband) was happy!

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