Monday, October 7, 2013

Pamukkale to Seljuk

Sorry this blog thing is a bit behind. I will not use it again as it is difficult to use with itermittent wifi.
   When we left Pamukkale we spent the morning enjoying the ancient city of Hierapolis, which sits right on the travertine cliffs and beyond. A nice place but thronged with tourists due to the buses that schlep them all in. The pools were filled with swimmers, many who probably haven't domed a swimsuit in decades, and the place was a general madhouse. The cost is also extraordinarily high because the place is on the tour bus circuit, like $32 to get in the site and swim, but less for us since we don't do the pools (did once or twice in the past).
   We left Pamukkale and drove to ancient Antioch on the Meander, since I have lots of coins from this place, then on to Aphrodisias.
    During our drive to Aphrodisias the sky foretold potential horrors for the foolhardy so of course Michelle and I go into the site seconds ahead of a huge storm with thunder, lightning and the whole mine yards. The place was deserted of humans, save for the souls who worked there who had retreated into some kind of shelter as Kelly and Michelle walked on in and the skies opened up.
    Now anyone who has ever been to this gorgeous ancient city will know there are only paths which wind through the site and these were now rivers and mud. The short of it is I got completely soaked and muddy, Michelle planned ahead with a rain poncho and was better off. We were pinned against walls and trapped for awhile in the theater. We then went into the museum there on site as I became cold and shivery but eventually the lights shorted out because of the water (this is the T after all) and we left. At the gate the guard told us the tractor-shuttle-thing was finished for the day but we had paid  for its service, great, a kilometer walk in the driving rain but an archaeologist leaving for the day sheparded us into his old Renault and on three cylinders he drove to our car, such a gracious and friendly young Turkish student.
   Now back at the car the lazy tractor-shuttle-thing guys felt bad and drive into the site in case there were any other survivors.
  Michelle and headed out and found a gas station where I could change clothes and we found hot water for coffee.
   We then decided to press on to Seljuk and we followed the storm west, which happened to be the first big storm of fall.

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