Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lycia III

I must apologize for the lack of post my dear one or two readers as this blog site is just crap and I am finding it difficult to get it to work properly. In fact my last post I am about to redo is no where to be found and it is hard to type on this tiny phone keypad.
    Any way, I will pick up where I left off and attempt to enlightened you as to what transpired these past few days.
    After our charming stay in a local T-hotel we decided to try and find the Lycian city of Rhodiapolis, as I have a nice coin of  Tranquillina from this place. Well we did find it and evidently a lot of excavating has been taking place as it was a phenomenal site, well-preserved with a lovely theater and a sweeping vista of the valley below. Some of the aisles in the theater had lipn feet to either side! see facebook fir pics. Michelle was pleased and that is always a good thing.
   We left Rhodiapolis and headed west to the Lycian town of Limyra where a local guy tried to get us to pay him to watch our car. I told him I can watch it myself just fine and we walked a bit around the place. There was a part of the ruins which had been flooded by probably a rise in the water table and it produced a pretty pic. We stomped around a bit then visited the theater of course, which was in great shape. We got back to our car which was fine and left to find Arykanda, another Lycian town.
    Arykanda is located inland around 40 mild and the drive was lovely. The site is being heavily worked by the T's and we spent ours traipsing about the extremely well preserved buildings and Michelle was determined to locate the theater. She led us on a hike via a photo she took of the local map. Now I reluctantly followed but the direction didn't feel right to me. But she is the navigator so we walked and walked around the hill until she realized the theater could not be in the direction we were heading . Suddenly up the hill aways above us a small herd of antelope cautiously passed us as they worked their way up the hill. They were neat to see and the princess was happy. We then went back into the ruins and had a lovely picnic with, you guessed it, pb&j sandwiches and local apples. It was so relaxing and nice.
  A footnote here is regarding the Turkish jams, jellies and preserves. Now we have visited all the different markets and stores and it seems the T's don't make a distinction in this department. Since they don't eat pb&j sandwiches they don't realize their jams or whatever are way to runny and drip all over the place. This is an annoying thing for the pb&j connesiour and something which is frustratingly annoying when you find sticky jelly on your pants!!!
   Anyway, Arykanda us just awesome with a fantastic Thayer, odeon and partial stadium. A nice Welshman we ran into at the stadium sang their national anthem which was quite beautiful. His wife was with him and we applauded his good singing voice, especially for a guy in his seventies!
    We left Arykanda (yes I have a coin of Gordisn III from here) quite impressed and happy and headed west along the coast heading toward Kas, a town we usually stay in. We eventually saw the sign for the ancient site of Myra and contemplated coming back the next day but ultimately turned right and visited the famous Lycian site (I have 2 Greek and 4 Roman coins from this city, yay!). Michelle was not happy they charged like 15$ for us to get in and it is a small site (the area you can visit) with the famous gorgeous Lycian rock tombs on the hill above and the enormous theater. It was full of your buses and we became annoyed with the whole thing. It was our 3-4 visit here and perhaps the long day hiking in the sun did our heads in.
    Therefore we hastily departed to Kas, the beautiful Mediterranean Sea licking at her feet. I knew right where to go and we descended into the two, found out desired hotel quickly, showered and watched the sunset on the ancient theater about 100 yards down the street, a Turkish warship the only vessel in the beautiful sea before us. It was a good day.

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